Aggressive Metal&Crown Cutting Bur - FD8XL - 10 Pcs

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Aggressive Metal&Crown Cutting Bur - FD8XL - 10 Pcs

Do you want to insert crowns quickly and easily?
Crown cutting burs are designed to cut various metal and ceramic layers smoothly and quickly.
Frank dental's aggressive cut burs have blades on the nose as well as the sides.
This allows the burs to cut not only horizontally but vertically as well.
This means that, according to the manufacturer, Talon burs cut faster than any crown cutter.
It is also designed to cut both porcelain and metal, eliminating the need for more than 1 crown cutting burs.

The FD8XXL describes all FRANK DENTAL burs, including the crown cutter, as having an unmatched resistance to breakage. This durability is the result of a mixture of induction welding and special steel.
The Single 1 Crown Cutting Bur eliminates the need for different burs used when cutting crowns. The use of a single burs is sufficient for crown cutting and insertion. In addition, its unique asymmetrical shape increases the performance of crown cutting burs. Aggressive crown cutting burs cut as quickly in the last 10 seconds of a procedure as in the first 10 seconds. It is suitable for repeated use. It reduces the cost per patient. It not only reduces the time you spend at the patient, but also maximizes patient comfort.
Optimal cutting geometry and aggressive style allow cutting in both the tip and body
The high material reduction speed enables a piece to be cut from the crown body very quickly.
Virtually vibration-free, no pressure required, vibration-free rotation and pressure-free cutting process.
Long-term performance, autoclavable and reusable.
Aggressive Crown Cutting Bur
Product Code : FD8XL
Diameter : 012
Max Speed: 160.000 RPM. It can be used on precious and non-precious metals.
Material : Tungsten Carbide
Which tool is used: Aerator
Can it be sterilized? : Yes 134 Sterile.
Intended Use: It is used for cutting and removing metal crowns.
How many times is it used? : It is multi-use, the user switches to the use of a new bur according to his needs.