Endo Plano Organizer - Organise your Endodontic Workflow

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Plano Endo Organizer - Endodontic Workflow

Plano is one of the products developed by Justool, designed in collaboration with Style Italiano Endodontics.
Plano is for optimizing gutta-percha cones disinfection and management. Endodontic organizer

Special application areas for Gutta Percha, Paper Point and Pats


Have all your tools where you need them
Disinfect, track, mix and much more
With Plano it's so much easier to have your tools in the right place at the right time. Plano gives dedicated space and slots for you gutta percha cones and paper points. It also features a central area designed to let you mix bioceramic materials or MTA and a drying are to dry your cones before using them.
Which canal was this cone for?
Easily keep track of your working lengths by placing your cones in the dedicated and labeled slots on Plano.
Disinfect before usingEach slot in Plano is deep enough to allow you to easily pour some disinfectant and have your cones perfectly cleaned before inserting them in the canals.
Mix space included
Use the central space of Plano to prepare your Endo-materials such as bioceramics or MTA, instead of having another tool on your tray.
​Once the material is ready just dip your cones and place them.