VacStation Extra-Oral Vacuum Suction Machine

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Eighteeth Extraoral Suction Dental Vacuum Device
Eighteeth Brand VacStation is an extraoral aerosol suction device that prevents the spread of blood, saliva, dust, viruses and other substances in dental treatments such as high speed drilling, dental laser and electrosurgical procedures.
Included with the Device
A 6-layer high glass fiber cotton filter, 1 fiber glass filter, 1 activated carbon +KMnO4+ ceramsite filter are included in the device.
H13 level gives 99.3 μm 99.97% efficiency against virus and germs
aerosol capture and moisture drying
Capture dust and saliva with 99% efficiency
adsorption, sterilization and filtration function
higher power, longer life, lower noise
density 1210uw/cm2,wavelength 280nm, killing virus and bacteria with high efficiency
Question 1: Could you give information about the VacStation device filtering system?
Answer: VacStation includes 3 different filter systems. The first filter is a high fiber filter. It traps the aerosol collected by this filter. The second filter includes a HEPA 13 filter system. In the third filter, there is an active carbon + KMNO4 + ceramic filter and a 2nd HEPA 13 filter with them.

The activated carbon filter has the ability to capture and hold gas molecules. The surface of the activated carbon filter consists of millions of tiny pores. Many odorous toxic gases can be captured through these pores. Filters should be changed by wearing the necessary clothing and gloves when deemed necessary.

Question2: What are the features of HEPA filters *Which HEPA filter is used in the device?

Vacstation hepa değerleri

 Reply :
Two HEPA 13 filter systems, one in the 2nd and 3rd filters, were used in the device.
HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arresting. It stands for high efficiency particle catcher. Hepa filters are filters that can purify particles up to 0.3 microns from the air at a rate of 99% and above.
Question 3: How long are the filter usage times?
Answer: The high fiber cotton filter can be used for 1 month. HEPA filters can be used between 3-6 months. The filter with 3rd effective component can be used between 6 months and 1 year.
The device gives a warning when filter change is required.
Question 4: Does the device have a UV lamp?
The device has a UV lamp. It has a wavelength of 265-285 nm. Its power is 2260 µW/cm2.
It can be used for 10,000 hours.
Question5: Is the Volume of the device too high?
Answer: A powerful brushless motor is used in the device. When we watched the videos taken while the scaler was working in the practice environment, we heard that the sound of the device was no louder than the scaler. The sound level is 62 db.
In addition, the device is a closed circuit system. Necessary sound insulation is provided.
Question 6: It is said that in some systems on the market, water drips from the bottom of the device as a result of the aerosol drawn together with the humidity and not providing the necessary suction. Is there any work done on this device?
Answer: The device traps the aerosol it collects in the 1st filter and dries it with an effective fan system in the device. As we mentioned before, unlike other manufacturers, the device is a closed-circuit system and there are no gaps at the bottom. In addition, the company's R&D team was tested for 1 week by running aqueous scaler for 8 hours every day. And it was stated that there were no problems.
Question 7: What is the suction power of the device?
Answer: The power of the device is 250 W. The suction power is 3 MPa. The vacuum power of the device also affects your working comfort. There has to be a balance between the suction power and other factors such as the sound of the device, suction performance. More power does not mean good suction performance. For example, during calculus cleaning. The force of the applied water acts directly on the surface of the teeth. However, the vacuum device applies a force opposite to this force. If too much force is applied, it reduces the power of the water and can change the direction of the water flow. Even water can flow into the patient's face. In order to achieve the mentioned balance, our engineers have done the necessary studies and determined the appropriate power and performance values.
Question 8: Could you evaluate the VacStation Aerosol Device in terms of price and performance?
Answer: When we compare the equivalent products in the sector, we see prices up to 1200-1500 USD. It is stated by the companies that this difference is generally caused by engine powers, but engine power is a criterion that cannot be a performance indicator alone.
We would like to inform you that we have determined this price policy in order to support you, our esteemed dentists, due to the pandemic, both by the manufacturer Eighteeth Medical and our company Paşa Dental.
The only Chinese brand in the Pasha dental portfolio is Eighteeth. The company has always attached importance to R&D studies and has trusted the quality of its products. We trust our brand and we are proud to offer you a quality product as it has been for 36 years.