Tornado 4 Oil Free Compressor with Dryer

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Tornado 4 Oil Free Compressor with Dryer

Compressed air for the highest demands in dentistry

The Tornado is one of the quietest compressors in dentistry, yet it is still very powerful. The Tornado range from DÜRR DENTAL features high quality at attractive prices – and this has been the case for decades. Compressors with less consumption and increased efficiency will help you to reduce your practice’s operating costs and protect the environment at the same time.

Membrane drying unit

Not only ensures that the power of the compressor is always available, but also enables a continuous supply of dry compressed air even in continuous operation.

Powerful and hardly audible

The highly developed compressor unit ensures very quiet operation to relax both the practitioner and the patient. But it gets even better – with its new aerodynamic, sound-absorbing housing, the Tornado is as quiet as a whisper at just 56 db(A).

Maintenance-free components

All compressor components are designed to operate for 10,000 hours without requiring maintenance. (Only the filters need to be changed regularly. 10,000 operating hours correspond to about 20 years of service life for an average practice (at 220 working days, 8 h/day, 25% duty cycle)).


High quality compressed air is needed for dental treatments and laboratory procedures.

Dry and oil-free surfaces are required for the chemical compounds used in treatments to adhere to the teeth properly. In addition, it is essential that the air used is filtered, oil-free and moisture-free in order for the devices and equipment to work smoothly and to have a long life.


Excellent compressed air quality: oil-free, dry and hygienic.

Permanent intervention with diaphragm dryer unit

German-made durable and long-lasting technology designed for continuous operations

It is produced in optimum compliance with the permanent operating conditions of milling and grinding machines.

4 cylinders

The air given at 5 bars is 235 Lt/min.

The air given at 5 bars is 205 Lt/min (With Dryer)

Tank volume is 50 Lt.

Dimensions: 72 x 76 x 53 cm (H x W x D)

72 x76 x 60 (H x W x D) With Dryer

Noise level: 70 dB(A)

Weight: 85 kg / 90 kg (With Dryer)