Icon Smooth Surface Vestibular - Intro Kit - 2 Treatment Units

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Icon: Smooth Surface Vestibular - Intro Kit - 2 Treatment Units

With Icon Smooth Surface, white spots on smooth tooth surfaces can be aesthetically masked.

How does this infiltration work?

Air and water entrapments caused by the caries process have a lower light refraction index than healthy tissue. That ;leads to unaesthetic discolourations called white spots. Icon Infiltrant, which penetrates deep into the porous tooth tissue, has a light refraction index similar to that of healthy enamel. The infiltrated lesion thus approximates the appearance of surrounding healthy enamel.

Another benefit: even fluorosis can be effectively treated with Icon Smooth Surface


  • Micro-invasive treatment of early, non-cavitated enamel carious lesions (lesion depth of up to D1)
  • Aesthetic treatment of mild to moderately pronounced fluorosis with intact surfaces


  • Aesthetic treatment of white spots
  • Restoration of the authentic tooth shade
  • Maintains healthy tooth substance
  • Gentle, painless approach
  • User friendly and patient friendly application process in only one session


2 x Treatment Units each containing:

  • 1 x 0.45ml syringe of Icon-Etch
  • 1 x 0.45ml syringe of Icon-Dry
  • 1 x 0.45ml syringe of Icon-Infiltrant
  • 6 x Vesibular-Tips
  • 1 x Luer-Lock Tip

DMG Icon: Smooth Surface Vestibular - Intro Kit - 2 Treatment Units