Diamond Porcelain Polishing Kit

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Usage Area:

Diamond Paste is a versatile polishing compound used primarily for mechanical polishing of porcelain crowns before or after glazing, providing excellent gloss for various prosthetics. It ensures perfect polishing through mechanical polishing for high-performance acrylics such as Zirconium Oxide, Lithium Disilicate, Hybrid Ceramic, and Radiopaque Composite, as well as for total-partial prostheses and frameworks to achieve mirror-like shine. The red paste prepares for initial polishing, while the blue paste provides the final gloss.


Diamond Paste facilitates the rapid mechanical polishing of crowns sent to the laboratory for glazing after being received from the dentist. It reduces the risk of cracking and fracturing during glazing, particularly for crowns that have been in the mouth for some time. Additionally, applying the blue paste on glazed crowns, especially those with poor gloss due to low-temperature glazes, enhances their appearance and prestige significantly. It ensures flawless results by creating a mirror-like finish on all laboratory composites, total-partial prostheses, and frameworks. The use of chamois disc brushes is recommended in the laboratory setting.


Diamond Paste is a specific material that enables the mechanical polishing of porcelain crowns fixed in the patient's mouth using conical polishing brushes, providing excellent polishing for all clinical composites.

Application Conditions:


Prepare for gloss by performing initial polishing. After milling in ceramic processes, make sure to remove all milling marks by passing through a ceramic grinder. Apply the paste onto the porcelain crown using a spatula. After attaching the brush to the micromotor, gradually increase the speed to finish the application within the range of 5000-15,000 rpm. Repeat the application if necessary. Wash the crown with detergent water after application to prepare for the next step.


Apply the paste onto the crown using a spatula. After attaching the brush to the micromotor, gradually increase the speed to the recommended maximum speed (10,000-15,000 rpm). Repeat the application several times to finish. Wash the crown with detergent water after application. It's crucial not to mix brushes for red and blue pastes. For achieving mirror shine on total-partial and framework prostheses, apply pastes A and B at 10,000-12,000 rpm. Wash the crown with detergent water after application. For more efficient results on total prostheses, recommended combined products are Ready Pumice and Prototal IC. For frameworks and other metals, Metapol Polishing Paste is recommended.


For external use only. Non-toxic. Wear protective goggles and work clothes for each use. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. If swallowed and adverse effects occur, seek medical attention.