Wave One Gold Rotary File - Glider

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Wave One Gold Rotary File - Glider

Build your path with confidence! This new single glide path file was designed with a team of endodontist experts: Dr E. Berrutti, Dr G. Cantatore, Dr A. Castellucci, Dr S. Kuttler, Dr W. Pertot, Dr C. Ruddle, Dr J Webber, Dr. J. West. Optimize your styling preparation with a single reciprocating path file that is part of the WaveOne Gold solution.

Respects the natural shape of the canal
Improves patient safety with enhanced flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue
Sterile and disposable ready-to-use, which maintains cutting efficiency, reduces breakage and prevents cross-contamination
Simplicity with a single glide path file
Size 015, 02 Variable Taper, 3 length options
The WaveOne Gold Glider is for reciprocating use only with compatible Dentsply Sirona motors. Convenient, pre-programmed engine settings are available.
This new single glide path file was designed with a team of endodontist experts: Dr.E.Berrutti, Dr.G. Cantatore, Dr.A.Castellucci, Dr. S. Kuttler, Dr. W. Pertot, Dr. C. Ruddle, Dr. J. Webber, Dr. J. West.
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WaveOne Gold brings to the endodontic procedure the metallurgically advanced single file technique for shaping canals. We have also optimized tip diameters, finenesses and cross section to produce a file that truly increases safety, efficiency and flexibility when preparing canals. WaveOne Gold offers simplicity and treatment success unlike any other. takes it to a higher level.

With the addition of a glide path file, WaveOne Gold gives you the convenience of an entire family of products designed to work together from the start.