Sdr Plus Collectors Edition Posterior Composite - 110 x 0.25 gr - Compul

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Sdr Plus Bulk Fill Posterior Composite - 110 x 0.25 gr - Compul

SDR flow+ is the advanced next generation of the leading and still unique flowable filler material SDR. The stress-reducing SDR technology provides a smooth consistency 4mm pour insert for excellent adaptability and self-correction, and is still unmatched in the bulk filling category. With more than 50 Mio. With worldwide applications and successful 5 and 6 year clinical trial results, SDR technology has proven its ability and time to allow reliable Class I and II restorations to be created faster and more easily. Also, its handling characteristics include primary posterior tooth extraction, pit and fissure. The sealant is ideal for other indications such as post-endodontic restorations and even core build-up.

SDR flow upgraded formulation + adds more versatility. By providing an increased abrasion resistance and three additional shades (A1, A2, A3), SDR flow+ includes Class III and V restorations, as well as Class IIs and primary posterior tooth extraction It expands the scope of displays by adding more aesthetic options to create

Dentsply Flow + Packaging :

110 Compounds "70xUniversal, 10xA1, 15xA2, 15xA3"