Sdr Plus Bulk Fill Posterior Composite - 15 x 0.25 gr - Compul

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Sdr Plus Bulk Fill Posterior Composite - 15 x 0.25 gr - Compul

What is SDR?

One component, fluoride-containing, visible light-curing, radiopaque resin composite restorative material
Indicated as a base for Class I and II restorations
Self-leveling – allows close adaptation to prepared cavity walls
Can be applied in bulk-fill layers of 4 mm.
Up to 60% less shrinkage stress than other posterior and bulk-fill composites
universal single color
It is compatible with methacrylate-based bondings and composites as a top cover composite.
Pre-dosed Compula® Tips allow for easy application and curing technique.
While all flowable composites shrink and SDR less than other known flowable composites, its most real breakthrough has been in achieving significantly reduced polymerization stress. SDR technology has optimized the way the polymer network is formed during polymerization, reducing the polymerization stress caused by very tightly bound polymers.
SDR implementation saves up to 40% of time
SDR is self-leveling

The fluid-like consistency of SDR results in excellent cavity adaptation.
· Conventional fluxes do not need to be used as liners.
SDR; Provides ideal self-levelling
SDR is the only bulk-fill material that provides self-levelling and can adapt to the cavity wall without the need for correction with other hand tools. The low viscosity of SDR adapts to the surface edges and internal characteristics of the cavity, reducing the risk of formation of marginal cavities that can cause repeated caries.

What makes SDR different?

Its unique, patented flowing formula allows bulk-fill technique to be applied without sacrificing performance or durability.

The unique chemical structure of SDR technology also includes a polymerization modulator that reduces shrinkage by up to 60%.

· 4mm in cavities with high C-factor. Continuous micro-tension connection durability is obtained when bulk filling with thick layers.

With its self-levelling formula, perfect cavity compliance is achieved, resulting in a tighter edge.

- No bubbles, voids or condensation.

- Fluency with bulk-fill and in one product.

Features Benefits
SDR filling technique No modifications to your conventional bonding or composite closure system are required*.4 mm. bulk fill possible
4mm. SDR application up to lik layers Time saving (up to 40%)2
Self-levelling application Perfect cavity fit
60% less shrinkage stress1 Bulk fill possible
One universal color Convenience
Compula® Tip Precision application
In syringe Suitable for larger cavities

* Can be used with any methacrylate bond or composite.
SDR indications

Posterior (class I and II) restorations as a base/liner

- SDR can be applied in layers up to 4mm
- Up to 60% less shrinkage stress

Use of milk tooth fillings without concealer

- Quick and easy administration to young patients

As a post endodontic coronal restoration agent

- With reduced shrinkage stress and unique self-levelling compared to other fluxes and conventional resin-based composites, SDR helps ensure a successful coronal restoration.

- SDR has been proven to produce a tight coronal seal with 0% leakage into the root canal5

- For more information on post endo use, click here > (link to endo-resto site)
- Small, conservative class I (without cover)

Pit & fissure sealant

· Core making

- Defect and undercut filling in crown, inlay and onlay preparations