Propex Pixi Connection Cable - Connect Hook

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Propex Pixi Features
• Pocket sized; Minimum footprint in storage and transport and during treatment.
• Accurate and reliable • Color LED display • For apical third only
• Works in dry and wet channels
• Ready to use - No calibration and ZERO adjustment required
• Designed to be placed on the patient's chest during the study to provide less tangling of cables and better visual control of file progression by placing the Propex Pixi in the line of sight.
• Clips attached to the cable and non-slip pads hold the device in place.

• Monitoring of progress with 4 volume levels with volume control

Q) As the "OVER" indicator is illuminated, it means I have entered the minor apical foramen; Is it possible for me to pull the file back slightly to find a "0.0" point? Will the monitor work in reverse?

A) Yes, when the "OVER" point is reached, the dentist can pull back slightly and the Propex Pixi will point to the "0.0" point.

Q) I am concerned about putting the Propex Pixi on top of the patient because the sound confuses the patient. Is the cable long enough to put the Propex Pixi on my worktable?
A) The device is designed to be placed on the patient's chest, although alternatively it can be placed on the table next to the patient. If necessary, the volume can be lowered or muted.

Q) The scale does not represent mm, what does it represent?
A) Scale does not represent mm or any linear unit. The scale simply shows the progression of the file towards the apex and provides comfort to the dentist in determining the position of the apex.

Q) What are the dimensions of the Propex Pixi?
C) Width: 55.5mm, Height: 64.5mm, Depth: 17.5mm

Q) Which parts should be sterilized in the transition from patient to patient?
A) The lip clip and file holder should be sterilized between treatments. Additionally, the prong, sold as a separate piece, requires sterilization between treatments.

Q) What is the battery charge time for the first use of Propex Pixi?
C) The new battery must be charged for 24 hours before using the device for the first time.

Q) What is the normal charging time of the battery?
C) The charging time for a partially discharged battery is about 12 hours, so charging the device overnight when the battery indicator starts flashing is the best solution to ensure a fully charged battery.

Q) What is the approximate duration of a fully charged (new) battery? Approximately how many working lengths can be determined?
A) A new fully charged battery is sufficient to determine approximately 100-150 run lengths. Battery performance may degrade over time or after exposure to high temperatures.