Palodent V3 Matrix İntro Kit

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Palodent V3 Matrix İntro Kit

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1 Piece Palodent V3 Intro Matrix Set
Palodent V3 offers:
Correct contacts:
Poor contact can lead to fractures, food buildup, gingivitis and recurrent cavities. Palodent V3's nickel-titanium rings apply continuous separation force to molars and premolars, always securing the anatomically shaped Palodent V3 matrix into the prepared cavity for predictable and accurate contacts.
Tight closure:
When resin-based composites are used, successful results are of great importance for insulation. Palodent V3 rings, together with the matrix and wedges, provide a tight seal around the restoration, allowing clinicians to continue the application with confidence.
Increased efficiency:
Palodent V3 system components work together to seal and shape the restoration, minimizing burrs and finishing time as well as reducing the risk of restoration being rebuilt due to poor contact. The system can be configured for many restorations at once and allows the clinician to prepare the cavity without worry as WedgeGuards® increase efficiency by protecting the adjacent tooth.Stress-free Class II restorations:
Use Palodent V3 with SDR®(Smart Dentin Replacement) to facilitate and improve Class II restoration construction. SDR has up to 60% less polymerization stress2, meaning 4mm. bulk filling can be done. The flowable consistency of SDR results in self-leveling and exact fit into the cavity without the need for a hand tool. Palodent V3 and SDR are excellent partners for creating fast, ideal and stress-free Class II restorations.
Palodent V3 System Features:
Palodent Plus Overview image1.preview.jpg

1. Glass-fibre-reinforced plastic matrix ring tips complement the wedges and reduce burr formation and ensure fit on the thread.

2. The ring design provides excellent stability to the forceps during insertion.

3. The matrix does not collapse in large cavities, even in the absence of a tubercle.

4. Super-thin striated matrix has prominent marginal protrusion and better horizontal inclination for accurate anatomy.

5. The V-shape enables wedge application from both sides before and after placing the matrix ring ends.

6. Ring made of Nickel-titanium with spring strength and memory retention properties.
Palodent V3 System Components
Every component in the Palodent V3 matrix system is designed for ease of use and good performance. In this context, consistent results are provided to you and your patients with an accurate system.
Wedges (3 sizes)
Compresses at the entrance and opens at the exit for easy insertion and closing.
· The gap at the bottom allows the second wedge to be inserted from the opposite direction.
Locking function and angled handles securely hold the ring mesially and distally.
A structural groove is designed on the handle to adjust the rings.
Pin press
Tip pin firmly grips gap in matrix, wedge and WedgeGuards® (wedge guard) for full control.
The natural closed position grips the matrix band, wedge or WedgeGuards® firmly in case of falling.
Universal Ring
Ring made of Nickel-titanium with spring strength, memory retention and stable breaking strength
Stackable for versatility.
Glass fiber reinforced plastic ring ends are V-shaped to hold the wedge.
Narrow Ring
· It has the same innovative features and benefits as the universal ring.
· For the best separation of small teeth, the ring ends are adjusted by bringing them closer together.
Up to 4kg separation force even on premolars.
Matrices (5 sizes)
 Prominent marginal protrusion for ideal anatomy
Significantly greater inclination in the horizontal plane as the matrix surrounds the tooth
The gingival axilla is optimally shaped to significantly prevent gaps at the gingival axial corner.
EZ Coat matrices (5 sizes)
Palodent V3 EZ Coat matrices include all the innovative features and benefits of Palodent V3, while removing the matrix is ​​facilitated by a micro-fine and non-stick finish.
Large matrix inclination to increase the anatomical accuracy of the restoration
Five different colors as refill – in code.
Wedge Guards (in 3 sizes)
It provides faster and easier cutting in the cavity and reduces the risk of interproximal damage to the adjacent tooth.
After preparation, the wedge guard is removed, leaving the wedge in place.

Q. Can Palodent V3 rings be used in large cavity preparations?
A. Yes. The ring ends are designed to hold adjacent teeth and keep the ring stable on the tooth and prevent it from collapsing into large cavity preparations.

Q. Can Palodent V3 rings be used when there is no tubercle?

A. Yes. The ring ends are designed to hold both teeth on the contact side and close to the lower lower gingival margin. tooth moment