Ceramco 3 - Dentin Modifier

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CERAMCO 3 - Dentin Modifier

DENTSPLY Prosthetics Ceramco®3 porcelain is engineered to provide predictable esthetics with out-of-the-bottle shades and components allowing for a multitude of new e­ffects

The new and improved Dentin Modifiers are designed to deliver chromatic and hue e­ffects that allow for natural variation. It’s reportedly very stable for better individual control, so each technician has the freedom to work the way he or she works best to achieve predictable results. 

High Chroma, HC, modifier porcelains have the same hue and opacity as dentin, but with 70 percent more chroma. As such, HC modifiers are used to intensify the dentin chroma in the restoration. They can be used full strength or mixed in with dentin, opaceous dentin or enamel porcelains to better mimic a patient’s natural variation in chromatic intensity.

Hue modifiers are used to create internal color effects to the restoration-new Orange and Intense Orange colors. Similar to the HC modifiers, hue modifiers can be used full strength or mixed with dentin, opaceous dentin or enamel porcelains for internal characterizations that are not only more durable than stains, but can also save time-finishing the restoration by eliminating the staining process altogether.