Nitibrush Peri-Implantitis Bur Set

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 Frank Dental - Nitibrush Peri-Implantitis Bur Set
Periimplantitis represents the most serious site-specific biological complication affecting osseointegrated dental implants following prosthetic restoration. The hallmark of this pathology is periimplant bone reabsorption, which can manifest itself both vertically and horizontally, or better, three-dimensionally, exposing a part of the body and the teeth of the implant.
The crucial issue for the treatment of periimplantitis is the difficulty of completely removing pathogens and damaged tissues from the implant surface, as well as restoring the macro and micro geometry of the surface to make it suitable for hard and soft tissues. This kit has been developed so that a decontamination protocol and modification of the macrogeometry of the surface microgeometry of the implant can be replicated by odontologists for optimal healing of the tissue.
PERI-SET contains 2 types of disposable brushes, one with a pointed tip and one with open bristles, for deep cleaning of the surface. There is also a diamond drill and disc used for implantoplasty, as well as two different colored tapered rubber tips to complete the treatment. The instruments are housed in a practical tool holder made of aluminum which can be sterilized and autoclaved; it also allows for ergonomic arrangement of instruments.
Set Content ;
***Nano Peri-implantitis Brush
Brush with nickel-titanium bristles. It is done with a 300-600 rpm micromotor.
cleaning the surface of the implant, especially the surface of the teeth. Must be used with
horizontal movement along the slope of the thread or vertical movements in the coronaapical
and then the apicocoronal direction. This brush is disposable.
***Pocket Peri-implantitis Brush
Brush with clear nickel-titanium bristles.
It is used with 300-600 rpm micromotor to clean the implant surface.
the fibers of the brush perpendicular to the surface. This brush is disposable.
The diamond head of this drill is double cone shaped.
It is used to perform resection with a red belt contra-angle or turbine.
The first step in straightening the parts outside the teeth and bone levels, both horizontally and vertically. The prominent angle of the surface of the head ensures that the work is done together
the external profile of the implant, the prosthetic superstructure attached to the implant temporarily affected by peri-implantitis, including where removal is not possible.
This diamond tool has a disc-shaped head. With red belt contra-angle
or used with a turbine to perform the resection. disc flat
shape and small diameter allow work to be done perpendicular to the outer profile
This instrument can be used with Red belt contra-angle and micromotor
It should be used at approximately 1200 rpm for polishing parts of the implant surface.