Memfix GBR Membran Fixation for Titanium Pin Set - Bone Tack with 20 Pin

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Memfix Membran Fixation for Titanium Pin Set - Bone Tack with 20 Pin
Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is based on the combined use of a bone substitute, such as  a barrier membrane,  which has the dual purpose of:
Isolating the hard tissues from the soft tissues, avoiding the infiltration of fibroblasts into the defect area.
Immobilising the bone substitute to stabilise the graft, optimising the formation of new bone.
For optimal healing it is essential to avoid micro-movements of the biomaterial – clot - membrane system. Fixing the membrane using a mechanical system can be a suitable option to help achieve this stability and improve long-term outcomes.
TheMemfix Mebrane Fixation  Systemis composed of titanium pins and a kit of tools that allow for fast and effective application, allowing the membrane to be fixed in a simple way and enabling proper cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation of the instruments after use.
Fixation of the collagen membrane Geistlich Bio-Gide® in:
Horizontal bone augmentation
Vertical bone augmentation
Elevation of the maxillary sinus
Correction of fenestrations.
Key use benefits:
No pre-drilling of the site
Correction of fenestrations.
Easy to remove if necessary
Package Included;
20 Pieces of Titanium Membrane Pins "Registered to the Ministry of Health Uts system."
Pin Carrier Hand Tool
1 Piece Aluminum Adonized Tray (for transport and sterilization)

Product features:
4mm titanium pins
It is biocompatible thanks to its titanium structure.
Thanks to the Easy Clik system, the pin can be easily moved and removed from the handpiece.
Sterile pin Stainless steel carrying case 20 pin capacity
Sterilizable Stainless steel sterilization box
Note: The pin has a head design that prevents bending during application. You can use it without any trouble in cortical bones.
Auxiliary Materials: Membrane Fixation