Dentreal Dri-Angle Saliva Blocker

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Dentreal Dri-Angle Saliva Blocker

Dri-Angle is a unique replacement and a decided improvement in the cotton roll in the parotid region. Dri-Angle covers the parotid or Stensen's duct and effectively restricts the flow of saliva. Designed by dentist John W. Owen, DDS, the Dri-Angle was created to meet the need for a dry space when working with composites, bonding and cementing.




Dri-Angle, a thin, absorbent, cellulose triangle, comes in two types: plain and silver-coated. The silver-plated Dri-Angle can be used for superior saliva control. Silver coating on one side acts as a complete moisture barrier for heavy saliva. We are happy to provide you with free samples to see Dri-Angle in action.

placement technique
The Dri-Angle is contoured to fit the inside of the cheek. Choose the small or large size for a particular patient. Place the convex side on the cheek with the apex of the Dri-Angle as far back as possible. The apex should almost touch the retro molar pad area.

heavy saliva
Use two coats of Dri-Angle or use silver-plated Dri-Angle. The silver coating acts as a complete moisture barrier to ensure absolute dryness.

If the Dri-Angle is not saturated with saliva, it is thoroughly soaked with a squirt of water before being removed from the wet cheek. If the Dri-Angle is not thoroughly soaked, it can stick to your cheek and pull tissue.

Dri-Angle as tongue guard:
Dri-Angle can protect the tongue while preparing teeth in the lower bicuspid and molar region. Have the patient extend the tongue and insert the tip of the tongue into the contralateral buccal fold. Place a small Dri-Angle against the tongue where it will lightly adhere and provide full protection.