Farko Air Crown Remover Set

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Hook Intermediate Body End
For bridges that do not suffer from damage, the intermediate body end, whose tip is designed to fully grasp the intermediate body, provides more practical use.

Single Crown Tip
Made of hard chrome. Its tip is specially designed long and it is easily adapted to the anterior and posterior teeth. In case of wear, it was possible to fix and reuse.


Intermediate Body Rope
Rope 0.70mm crown is used. Special alloy welding is used in the rope connection part. (not solder)


Rope Attachment
The intermediate body apparatus is made of chrome. Available as a set or individually. It can be entered into the autoclave, put into the sterilizer.

In the first stage, first the ropes are attached to the appropriate parts of the bridge.

In the second stage, the ropes are attached to the apparatus.

In the third step, the ropes are attached to the crown remover as shown in the end fitting section.

Impact is started from the appropriate part of the bridge. In order to apply a blow to the part where the other apparatus is attached, the crown remover is removed from the part where the blow is applied and it is attached to the other apparatus, and an equal blow is applied to both sides.

Today, porcelain work is used intensively compared to previous years. The importance of the intermediate body apparatus (rope system) is known in the removal of bridges that need to be removed for various reasons and can be removed without cutting. Intermediate body apparatus set, which is FAKO DENTAL's own design, is successfully applied in this regard. It does not cause irritation in the gums.

In porcelain bridges, the arm part is not damaged, and in cases where the bridge needs to be reused, it is advantageous in terms of economy and time.