Bioserra Based Root Canal Sealer - Calcium Silicate-Based Bioceramic Sealer

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Bioceramic root canal sealer is used to fill the root canal after the infected pulp tissue is removed from the root canal.
Bioserra has the consistency of a fluid paste and can be easily applied into the root canal using a disposable tip and a thickening agent.
This product hardens slowly by absorbing the ambient water in the root canal. It is white and aesthetic.
Calcium Silicate-Based Bioceramic Sealer
  • Calcium Silicate-based bioceramic sealer
  • Premixed: easy to use
  • Anti Microbial (pH 12.73)
  • High compatibility
  • Harmless to human body
  • No shrinkage and expansion
  • Perfect sealing ability
  • Proper setting time
  • Prevent from wash-out phenomena
  • Excellent Radiopacity: 8 mm Al
Excellent Sealing Ability
  • Moisture in the dentinal tubules and Calcium Silicate’s chemical reaction produce crystallization of Calcium Hydroxide
  • CeraSeal is perfectly and fully hermetic in the root canal
  • It prevents from the propagation of bacteria
Unique stability
  • CeraSeal never shrinks or expands in the root canal
  • It prevents from odontoclasis by keeping its stable volume
  • The Single cone technique obturation can be performed
Package Content:
1 x 2g Pre-mixed Syringe.
15 pcs Intra canal tips.