D-Race Desobturation Files Assortment

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D-Race instruments are used to remove most of the old root filling materials from canals, such as Gutta Percha, obturators, or resin-based materials.

The D-Race set consists of two NiTi files – DR1 and DR2.

The first instrument, DR1, has an active tip to work on the root filling material and is used in the coronal and the first millimeters of the straight part of the canal.

Once access is cleared with DR1, the second instrument, DR2, is used to reach WL.

Since this procedure puts a lot of stress on the instrument, it is single-use. Shaping will be performed using special FKG instruments.

2 instruments: DR1 30/.10, DR2 25/.04

  • Lengths: DR1 15 mm, DR2 25 mm
  • Optimum speed DR1: 1,000 rpm (minimum 800 rpm)
  • Optimum speed DR2: 600 rpm (minimum 400 rpm)
  • Torque: 1.5 Ncm
  • DR2: single-use