MTA+Premium Application Gun MTA Applicator - Flat tip

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MTA+Premium Application Gun MTA Applicator - Flat tip

Reusable applicator for handling and applying prepared mta+.

Product types:

- mta+ applicator premium – curved 0.8 mm


- mta+ applicator premium – beveled 1.2 mm


- mta+ applicator premium – straight 0.8 mm


- mta+ applicator premium – flat 1.2 mm

The mta+ applicator is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Ergonomic handle

Lightweight design

Easy and useful application

Curved-flat and two different diameter options

Instruction manual:

Place the plunger into the applicator and pull back about 1 cm -push the mta+ prepared in wet sand consistency to the tip of the carrier. Tip of the applicator to be applied directly

İnto the area and push the plunger.


Residue of hardened material on the inside or on the surface of the applicator after use.

Rinse the applicator with water to prevent

For dental use only.

The product ıs not sterıle ın packagıng. It must be sterıle before use.