Carpide Endodontic Burs Müller Endo Access 2 Pcs

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Carpide Endodontic Burs Müller Endo Access 2 Pcs
Unique carbide endodontic instruments
MEISINGER´S Endo Access Burs are special carbide endodontic burs for endodontic treatments.The extra-long and very narrow
necks, which have a diameter of only 1 mm, allow an outstanding view of the working field and prevent damage from deep root
canal walls. Despite this narrow necks the Endo Access Burs have a high rigidity and concentricity. The design of the Endo-drills
convince with its high cutting capacity and durable carbide working parts. These burs are heatless and do not create a fine
powdery dust

At a glance
• Special instruments for endodontic treatments
• Long narrow shafts provide dentists with excellent visibility,
allowing a better view of deep target areas
• Optimum, vibration-free concentricity 

Shaft design imparts unique effectiveness
• Less dust production than ultrasonic tips
• Color code allows quick identification
and selection