Bright Glaze Porcalein Glaze Powder 28,4 gr

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Bright Glaze - Glaze Powder

Usage Area:

  • Purpose: Glaze powder for porcelain crown bridge works. Being in the alkali and bioceramic group, it is suitable for dental uses.


  • Provides excellent brightness in high-temperature porcelains.
  • Durable against acids in the oral environment for a long time.
  • Provides ease of application with its fine granular structure.
  • Provides excellent aesthetics, adding prestige.
  • High brightness at 920 – 930°C, natural brightness at 890°C.
  • The recommended glaze liquid is K&K Glaze Liquid.


  • Glaze powders provide more shiny results according to chemical configuration or decreasing particle size. Therefore, it is quite difficult to obtain glaze powders that shine well at low temperatures while maintaining acid resistance. For this reason, better shine of glaze powders can be achieved in low-temperature applications by applying two separate processes. The first is to try removing the waiting time at high temperatures by 2-3-4 minutes without melting the sharp contours, or following the mechanical polishing method as described below. The recommended firing program is as follows:

Initial Temperature: 550°C

Pre-Drying Time: 3-4 min

For even brighter glazes, we recommend using our mechanical polisher DIAMON after glazing. This will allow you to achieve the maximum brightness point that your glaze layer can reach.

Packaging: 28.4 gr. in plastic jars