Braun IPL Skin i - expert Hair Removal Device - PL7147

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Braun IPL Skin i-expert Hair Removal Device - PL7147

The Fastest Solution for Smooth Skin for Up to 1 Year!

The Braun IPL Skin i-expert Hair Removal Device PL7147 offers a cutting-edge solution for achieving smooth, hair-free skin. As the world's first Smart IPL device, it learns and adapts to your skin like a personal beautician, ensuring a customized and effective hair removal experience.

Product Features:

Special Free Connected App:

  • Intelligent Skin i-expert System: The responsive system personalizes care based on your skin's needs. The connected app provides real-time guidance to ensure correct treatments.

Precise and Flawless Coverage:

  • Versatile Heads:
    • Precise Heads: For smaller, sensitive areas like the face and intimate areas (including mons pubis, outer labia, perineum, and around the anus).
    • Standard Head: For underarms.
    • Wide Head: For larger areas like the chest or upper legs.

Smooth Skin in Sensitive Areas:

  • Sensitive Skin Modes: Two modes adjust light intensity for safe, long-lasting results, even in delicate areas. Perfect for first-time users.

Built-in Skin Protection:

  • Adaptive Skin Sensors: Skin sensors with UV filters read your skin 80 times per second, detecting even minor changes and adjusting the flash power accordingly. This ensures balanced power for safe and effective results at home.

Wired IPL:

  • Consistent Power: The wired design maximizes power and flash speed, offering high power levels up to 6j/cm² and rapid flash pulses every 0.5 seconds. This continuous and high-speed flashing provides effortless gliding, minimizing missed spots.

Skin Tone and Body Hair Type Compatibility:

  • Adaptive Optimization: Suitable for a wide range of skin tones from light to medium-dark and hair colors from natural blonde to dark brown or black. IPL is less effective on very blonde, red, grey, or white hair due to lower melanin levels.

Package Contents:

  • Skin i-expert Device
  • Precision Head
  • Venus Extra Smooth Razor
  • Power Cord and Plug with Transformer
  • Carrying Bag

How It Works:

The Braun IPL Skin i-expert uses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to disable hair follicles, preventing hair growth. The built-in sensors continuously read your skin tone, ensuring each flash is optimized for your skin, providing effective and safe treatments.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Preparation: Shave the treatment area with the included Venus razor.
  2. Connect the Device: Plug in the device using the power cord.
  3. Select Mode: Choose the appropriate head and mode for the area being treated.
  4. Application: Glide the device over the treatment area, letting the smart sensors adjust the intensity.
  5. Aftercare: Apply a moisturizer and avoid sun exposure immediately after treatment.

Safety Notes:

  • Skin Tone Compatibility: Suitable for a range of skin tones and hair colors except for very dark skin and very light hair.
  • Skin Contact Sensor: Ensures safe use by guaranteeing light pulses are emitted at the correct angle.