Surgitime Titanium Seal (Titanium-Foil) 34x25 mm Non- Absorbable Mesh

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Surgitime Titanium Seal (Titanium-Foil) is ideal for three- dimensional bone regeneration (GBR, Guided Bone Regeneration). If necessary, it can be attached with pins or screws.

Titanium Grade I (ASTM F-67) : Thickness 0.04mm.

Titanium is a safe material with an excellent history in all the surgical procedures.

Handling Benefits
The fully impermeable Titanium-Foil is prestressable, stable and acts as a space maker, e.g. for alveolar ridge augmentation. Surgitime Titanium SEAL neutral bioelectrically thanks to electrochemical passivation and thus contribute to an uneventful growth of new bone.

Advantages: Manipulation
Surgitime Titanium Seal is very flexible and can be used to cover periodontal or alveolar defects and generally does not require fixation, but if necessary, the Bionnovation graft and fixation screw accessory can be used.

Surgical Procedure
The Titanium Seal is indicated for alveolar sealing procedures, protecting the surgical wound against the invagination of the soft tissues, which promotes resorption of the alveolar process. Therefore, there is a statistically proven decrease of absorption reduction. It should be used through the modeling of the mesh with the careful covering of the operated zone completely with a margin that varies from 2 to 4 mm. It should not be reprocessed and attention must be paid to the sterilization period and correct instrumentations. Regarding the restrictions, the professional is responsible for choosing the implementation site, that is, he must carefully consider its use in the esthetic environment. Due to its color, it may cause some discomfort from the social point of view.
Due to its malleability, it can be cut to adapt to the surgical sites and for being bio-electrically neutral thanks to the electrochemical passivation, it contributes to new bone growth without intercurrences.
34 x 25 mm / 0,04 mm thickness