Surgitime Titanium Mesh - Non Absorbable Titanium Membrane - 34x25 mm - 0,85 mm Hole

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 Titanium mesh has excellent biocompatibility and occlusive property. Because it is permeable, it allows the transmission of nutrients, it is easy to use, as it is very malleable and can be cut to adapt to surgical sites. It has the ability to maintain an intact regenerative space and the possibility of vascularization of the graft on both sides [periosteum and endosseum]. It is designed to ensure the three-dimensional reconstruction of alveolar bone defects and facilitate bone replacement through proper fixation of replacement material.
Handlings .
Surgitime . titanium (titanium mesh) is indicated for medical (orthopedics and neurosurgery) and dental (periodontics, oral and maxillofacial, implantology) regenerative procedures, mainly for bone reconstruction. The perforations in the mesh allow the diffusion of interstitial fluid, but do not allow the invasion of connective tissue and epithelial cells. Because it has memory, it can be pre-shaped to the defect and fixed with screws for grafting and fixation, but there is no need to use the graft screw for the titanium mesh to perform its function, its use varies according to the choice of the professional who uses it.
Surgitime . Titanium must be molded according to the anatomy of the bone and must not be bent at sharp angles, scratched or deformed. Once used and molded, it must not be molded again, as it may result in the failure of the product's function.
Advantages .
. Ease of use in surgical sites [moldability];
. No trauma to soft tissues;
. Adequate containment of the bone graft;
. Improves space for bone regeneration;
. Ultra thin[Thickness~0.04 mm and 0.08 mm];
. Biocompatible;
Titanium meshes are an excellent vehicle for maintaining the dimensions of the desired crest increase.
The minimum stay for the start of osteoconduction is at least 21 days.
As long as there is no exposure, in cases of ROG the meshes must be removed in the subsequent surgical stage (implantation or reopening). If early exposure occurs, it is recommended that the titanium meshes remain in place for a period of 60 days for their removal.
Once exposed, the surgitime . titanium (titanium mesh) prevents a large loss of the graft, as there is an epithelial closure around the mesh.
Surgitime Titanium 34 x 25 mm I Thickness 0.04 mm I Hole 0.85 mm