Surgitime Ptfe Membrane - Non-resorbable Membrane - 30*20 mm

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Surgitime.ptfe, are non-resorbable polytetrafluoroethylene membranes, of synthetic origin and 100% biocompatible.
Considered as mechanical barriers for guided tissue regeneration RTG are used in regenerative techniques both in the medical and dental fields, as their function is to prevent the migration of epithelial and connective tissue cells, which would cause bone growth inhibition, promoting adequate space for the formation of a natural fibrin framework, precursor of bone tissue. The membrane prevents tissue competition between the connective tissue and the bone, and is intended to isolate the bone grafts, favoring tissue regeneration.
Typical microscopic images of POREX Microporous PTFE. Structure differences are apparent as absent are the nodes and fribules and visible is a network of well-controlled particles all bonded to their neighbors. This structure provides a very robust 3 dimensional membrane that experiences very little change with temperature or pressure, and requires no supporting layers.
handling .
Surgitime . ptfe   is intended for regenerative techniques in periodontics , implantology , orthopedics , neurosurgery or any medical and dental surgical procedure that requires a mechanical barrier, such as treatment of horizontal and vertical periodontal defects, treatment of exposed threads of implants. formation of new bone in alveolar ridges, horizontal and vertical ridge augmentation, protection against epithelial invagination in sinus lift procedures and interproximal bone formation.
Features .
. High strength [ weight/strength ratio ];
. Easy handling [ thickness ~ 0.10 or 0.25 mm];
. Chemically inert;
. High chemical resistance in aggressive environments;
. Low flammability;
. Low coefficient of friction;
. Low dielectric constant;
. Good weathering properties;
 Surgitime PTFE 30 x 20 mm I Thickness  0.25 mm