Bonefill Block Bovine XenoGraft - Block Dental Graft - 5*20*20 mm

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Excellent alternative to autogenous and allogenous bone.

For experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons, xenograft bone blocks for block augmentation are the only real alternative to harvesting the patient’s own autologous bone.
Fast and complete hydration due to its unique characteristics.

The interconnected pores and rough, extremely hydrophilic surface of bonefill supports the adhesion of proteins from the blood.
Adaptation to the receiving bed

The bonefill . block can be adapted to the required dimensions with sterile instruments , such as scalpels, chisels or dental drills, or other sterile surgical instrument, prior to insertion into the bone cavity.
high mechanical strength

The bonefill . block has a high mechanical strength, in order to allow its stabilization with screws without suffering structural damage
Bonefill Block [5 x 20x 20mm]