Base Paste SC Ultra Opaque Porcelain Paste 2 ml

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Base Paste SC Ultra Opak Porsalen Pastası 2 ml

Packaging: 2 ml Syringe

Usage Area:

This is a cream porcelain material that provides strong coverage on metal surfaces in porcelain crown bridge works, eliminating metal reflection and strengthening the metal connection.

Unlike porcelain bonding, its difference lies in its higher opacity.


  • After firing, it provides excellent coverage by forming an optimal cream color.
  • Extra opacity feature does not create thickness on the metal surface after application.
  • Excellent results are achieved by applying a sufficient amount of opaque layer.
  • Plastic jar packaging provides ease of use.
  • Its emulsified creamy structure ensures homogeneous distribution inside the package.
  • It can be safely used with every brand of metal and porcelain powder.
  • Follow the recommended firing values for the best results.


Base Paste SC is a material in powder form with micro-fineness (from 0.01 to 0.02mm) used for sintering in crown constructions of conventional dental metal alloys for porcelain adhesion. Its oxide-absorbing materials absorb the oxide layer formed on the metal, allowing the glassy bonding part to form a stronger bond with the oxide-free metal. Its difference from porcelain bonding lies in its higher opacity.

Application Area:

It is used in chrome-cobalt structures in crown bridge works on metal surfaces. Base Paste SC is available in different tones ranging from golden yellow to orange depending on the density of the metal oxide.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Prepare the metal.
    • Sandblast with aluminum oxide sand.
    • Clean by boiling in distilled water for 10 minutes in an ultrasonic bath or by steaming.
    • Completely dry the metal and only handle with clean gloves.
  2. Apply homogeneously on the metal and always sinter in the recommended program.
    • Pre-heat temperature: 500°C
    • Pre-drying time: 4 – 5 minutes
    • Minute / Heat: 100°C
    • Vacuum Start: 500°C
    • Vacuum Finish: 970°C
    • Maximum Heat: 970°C
    • Waiting at maximum heat: 1 minute