Interlig Fiber Splint System - İmpregnated glass fiber

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Light-cured composite is a braided glass fiber impregnated with resin. It has a length of 8.5 cm, a width of 2 mm and a thickness of 0.2 mm.
Fiber content is 60% by weight, and the impregnated resin is 40% by weight.


As a periodontal splint,
In fixing the loose teeth,
In the preparation of temporary adhesive prostheses,
It is used to strengthen large restorations.
Ready to use, pre-saturated, saves time and material.
It is glass fiber, it has high bending strength.
It is easy to cut, no special scissors are needed.
Can be formatted, easy to adapt.
It is a sachet packaging, easy to hold, protects the fiber against light and heat.
1 package contains 3 strips of 8.5 cm.