BIO-C TEMP Temporary Root Canal Repair Paste - Bioceramic Paste

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Packaging 4*0.5 gr
BIO-C® TEMP is a ready-to-use bioceramic paste for intracanal dressing. Due to its low solubility, it has a great advantage over calcium hydroxide pastes and thus, it allows the product to stay in contact with the channel walls for a long time. The result is a continuous and gradual high release of hydroxyl (OH- ) ions. It is available in a syringe with a silicone cap and applicator tip specially developed for the product. The silicone cover effectively protects the product from external moisture, preventing premature curing. The applicator tips are pre-curved and of sufficient length to facilitate application in hard-to-reach areas.
• Intracanal dressing for endodontic treatment and retreatment of teeth with pulp necrosis. • Intracanal dressing for cases of perforation, external and internal resorption prior to the use of BIO-C® REPAIR, MTA REPAIR HP and MTA ANGELUS®.
Ready to use Easy to mix and place Biocompatible Absence of symptomatology High alkalinity (pH ~12) Environment unsuitable for bacterial growth High radiopacity Excellent radiographic visualization Easy to remove Clinical time optimization