TTL2 Classic Customized Dental Loupe - with Light Source - Magnification 5.0x

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Pupillary Spacing
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Perfect for more complicated procedures that require high magnification, this medical magnifying loupes provides the right depth of field for optimized ergonomics. Not only lightweight, but edge to edge sharp vision, TTL2 can help you get exact viewable area and have good experience on detail practice. Make sure your eyes don't get tired after long time use, which is better than many ttl loupes in China.


5.0x are available magnification.


Specifications of TTL loupes

Mounting Options:Through-the-Lens           

Magnification Power:4.0x, 5.0x

Field Width:55-70 mm (5.0x)                   

Field Depth:70-120 mm (5.0x)  

Working Distance:Customized to each user

Declination Angle:Customized to each user

Weight*:54g  (Weight measured based on Standard E sport frame)