Spor-Classic Customized Dental Loupe - Magnification 3.5x

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Pupillary Spacing
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Classic Customized Dental Loupe - Magnification 3.5x

As entry-level TTL loupes, TTL1 binocular loupes are ideal for use by dentists and hygienists. The TTL1 dental surgical loupes are cost-effective, has a wider field of view, and has a deeper depth of field, bringing a new comfortable experience, which is very different from the traditional flip magnifier. The TTL1 dental binocular loupes are available in 2.5x, 3.0x and 3.5x magnifications. 2.5x magnification is the most popular, especially for trial users or dental students.

The light spot effect of the dental surgical loupes is better, the brightness can meet the observation requirements, and the light spot is uniform without shadows. It is lightweight, small and comfortable to wear. After its battery is charged, the battery works for a long time because the operation time is sometimes continuous for several hours. At the same time, the battery life for dental surgical loupes should be as long as possible, and the longer the service life, the more durable it is, which means that the cost performance is higher. Its headlamp surface temperature is moderate. 

We can make unique customizations based on your IPD, working distance magnification, frame and color. The inclination angle of the lens barrel can also be customized according to the doctor's habits and nose height, which makes this dental loupe popular in Canada, the United States and Europe.


Mounting Options:Through-the-Lens

Magnification Power:3.5x

Field Width:70-120 mm (3.5x)

Field Depth:65-175 mm (3.5x)

Working Distance:Customized to each user

Declination Angle:Customized to each user

Weight*:51g (Weight measured based on Standard E sport frame)