SofLex Strip Sander Interface Sander

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Sanding belt for polishing
Sof-Lex Finishing and Polishing System
Product features;
Thin, flexible structure coated with aluminum oxide
2 different grain sizes of sandpaper with a hollow center that facilitates entering the interfaces.
3 different types (thin/superfine, thick/medium, thick/medium narrow)
Technicial Specifications;;
  • Easy Placement; It is easily placed without damaging the side teeth thanks to the empty space in the middle.
    2 different grain sizes per lane; Saves time as each lane has 2 functions
    Color Code; Sorting from dark color to light color guides the application step by step.
    Choice of Grain and Width; 4 different grains and 2 different widths.
    Tear-resistant; The polyester back surface provides resistance to rupture without impairing flexibility and without damaging the gingiva.

Product Origin: USA

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Sof-Lex™ Finishing Discs Basic Set
120 Sof-Lex™ Pop-On Polishing Discs superfine, thin, medium, thick 30 pieces each; Ø 9.5 mm,
120 Sof-Lex™ Pop-On Polishing Disc ; 30 pieces of superfine, thin, medium, thick; Ø 12.7 mm,
120 Sof-Lex™ XT Pop-On Polishing Disc, superfine, thin, medium, coarse; 30pcs each; Ø 9.5 mm, 120 Sof-Lex™ XT Pop-On Polishing Disc, superfine, thin, medium, coarse; 30 pieces each; Ø 12.7 mm, 1 RA mandrel,
15 Sof-Lex™ Sanding Strip, coarse/medium,
15 Sof-Lex™ Sanding Belt, coarse/medium narrow,
15 Sof-Lex™ Sanding Band , fine/ superfine
Sof-Lex™ Sanding Belt Refills
1954 150 Sof-Lex™ Sanding Band , coarse/medium
1954N 100 Sof-Lex™ Sanding Band , coarse / medium narrow
1956 120 Sof-Lex™ Sanding Band , fine/superfine