Singlebond Universal Bonding - Adhesive

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3M Espe Singlebond Universal

Multi-Purpose Adhesive System



It can be used as total etch, self etch or selective etch.
It is a single bottle, can be used in all indirect and direct restorations.
It eliminates the risk of post-operative sensitivity.
Provides bonding to enamel, dentin, glass ceramic, precious and non-precious metals and composites without the need for an additional primer.
Contains Vitrebond copolymer, MDP and Silane.
It provides high bond strength regardless of humidity.
It can be used as a silane in indirect glass-ceramic restorations.
It is suitable for multi-purpose use.
It can be used as a protective varnish on glass ionomer restorations.

In total etch technique:
15 sec. After applying orthophosphoric acid, it is applied to the tooth by rubbing and washed for 10 seconds. is polymerized.

In the self etch technique:
It is applied directly to enamel and dentin by rubbing and polymerized for 10 seconds.
In the selective etch technique:
Only after the enamel is etched and washed, it is applied to the enamel and dentin and polymerized for 10 seconds.