Impregum Penta H DuoSoft Refil - 1 Box (2 Sets)

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 3M Espe - Impregum Penta H DuoSoft  Refil - 1 Box (2 Sets)

Package Included:

1 Box (2 Sets) H duosoft polyether measure

3M Espe Impregum Penta H Duosoft
Polyether Impression Material Used with Pentamix Device - Single-stage dual-phase technique

It is a new generation polyether impression material.
You can take crown-bridge, inlay-onlay and implant measurements with this high and low viscosity material developed for the single-stage dual-phase technique.
It is used with Pentamix and gun system.
In addition to the hydrophilic, thixotropic, snap set properties of polyether, it has the advantage of new generation polyethers:
It is easy to remove after freezing.
The taste has been improved.


High viscosity Impregum Penta H is mixed with DuoSoft Pentamix and transferred directly to the impression tray.
Low viscosity Impregum Garant L DuoSoft is sprayed directly onto the preparation surfaces with its special gun.
Following this application, the spoon filled with Impregum Penta H DuoSoft is placed in the mouth and held in place until the freezing is complete.
Working time from start of mixing:
  Impregum Penta H DuoSoft 2:30 min.

  Impregum Garant L DuoSoft 2 min.

Total freezing time:
 Impregum Penta H DuoSoft 6 min.

 Impregum Garant L DuoSoft 5:30 min.