Express XT Penta H VPS Size 360 ml

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3M Espe Express XT Penta Heavy Body
Vinyl Polysiloxane Impression Material Used With Pentamix Device Intense Consistency

The Express XT Penta H is a single-acting, single-track liquid that is automatically mixed and transferred to the spoon in the Pentamix system.
It is a high viscosity vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) precision impression material suitable for progressive impression technique.
It is used in crown-bridge and inlay-onlay measurements.
High viscosity Express Penta H spoon material can be mixed with Pentamix and measured directly.
transferred to the spoon.
Low-viscosity Express Garant L is sprayed directly onto the preparation surfaces with a gun.
Working time from the start of mixing (23° C): 1:30 min.
Total freezing time from the start of mixing: 6:30 min.
Express impression materials cannot be used in combination with C-silicones that set by the condensation reaction.